Individaul Therapy Sessions for Adults and Children - 50 minute (in person) therapy sessions for those struggling with anxiety disorders (social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic attacks), depression, issues related to trauma, and navigating life transitions (including pregnancy, post-partum and parenting). $160

Coaching Sessions (Adults only) - 50 minute (online/video) sessions for those who are looking to work on worrying less, personal growth, receive guidance around navigating change, or improve a relationship.  Coaching is a good option for anyone, but especially for those who are looking to maximize their time, or don’t have access to CBT therapy/coaching where they live. $160

Free 10-15 minute phone consultaton to determine goodness of fit

Why CBT?

CBT is considered a brief therapy, and for most problems improvement in symptoms can be seen quickly. Generally, the length of therapy is between 12-22 sessions. When we have met our goals, therapy is complete and clients can move forward with the attitude and skills they need to face life's challenges. Please note: Exposure therapy (ERP) is a main component of treatment, especially in treating OCD.